Harrows Hologram  Flaming Dice Casino Flames 75 Micron Strong Dart Flights

Harrows Hologram Flaming Dice Casino Flames 75 Micron Strong Dart Flights

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  • Comes with 3 standard 75 Micron Strong flights.
  • Apart from playing cards, dice are perhaps the most basic pieces used in gambling. It is probably safe to assume that as long as there have been dice, there has been gambling.
  • Archeological findings discovered in ancient Egyptian burial sites indicate that dice-like objects were in use during and perhaps before the year 2,000 b.c. The earliest dice were, obviously, not made from the plastic molding that is in such abundance today. Instead, early civilizations carved out the ankle bones of animals (like sheep) to create a hard little gizmo to throw in the air. Small circles were inscribed on the ankle bones to delineate the differing sides.
  • So where did the six sided dice that we are familiar with today originate? That's right, the same place where paper, printing, gunpowder, and compasses originated; China can add yet another arrow to it's quiver of accomplishments and lay claim to the creation of the six sided dice. But then, a place that's been around for 200,000 years has had plenty of time to come up with this entertaining little object we know as the dice.
  • Did you know that any two opposite sides on a dice will add up to equal the number seven? One and six, two and five, and three and four each make combinations of seven. This explains why seven is the most commonly rolled number when rolling two dice. If you're looking to roll a seven, grab two dice and give it a go; the odds are in your favor.

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