Harrows Darts Technology Black Sharpener Keyring Fob Keychain

Harrows Darts Technology Black Sharpener Keyring Fob Keychain

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Brand: Harrows


  • Dart Sharpener w/ Flight Holder on the back!
  • Originally, patrons would throw steel-tipped darts in to circular blocks of elm, which the bar owners would have to soak over night to close the holes up.
  • Later, dartboards were made of clay and finally cork. Of course, most dart boards in bars these days are plastic and keep score for you. Quite a progression from arrows and tree trunks.
  • Modern flights are made from plastic, but they had originally been made of turkey feathers.
  • The fewest number of darts to throw a perfect game of 501 is nine. John Lowe first achieved this feat on television in the 1984 World Matchplay championships. He hit triple 20 six times in a row, followed by triple 17, triple 18 and double 18.

Publisher: Harrows

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Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches