Designa iFlights  Ghost Skull Lone Star 100 Micron Extra Strong Standard Dart Flights

Designa iFlights Ghost Skull Lone Star 100 Micron Extra Strong Standard Dart Flights

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  • Comes with 3 standard 100 Micron Extra Strong flights.
  • While we all have the same 22 bones in our skulls, their size and shape are different depending on sex and racial heritage. A trained artist, anatomist, or anthropologist can tell the difference in a single glance. By the way, the skulls you see most often are of Asian decent, since most anatomical specimens come from that part of the world
  • The human skull has been rich in symbolism over the course of Western history. The skull as an emblem of death appeared as a result of the casualties brought on by the bubonic plague or the Black Death that ravaged the inhabitants of Europe throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The Dance of Death, which portrayed men and women of all classes dancing with a skeleton, became a popular artistic motif.
  • The skull as an intimation of death was also an obvious aspect of sixteenth-century century fashion and art. In the early decades of the century, portraits had skulls printed on the back in order to symbolize the inevitable demise of the sitter. Men and women of the upper classes wore medallions engraved with skulls and ivory heads as jewelry. These objects normally portrayed a living face on one side and the human skull on the other side.
  • The mementos were to remind both the wearer and the onlooker of death and their obligation to lead moral lives. The keepsakes also revealed the tension experienced by members of the upper classes who desired to display their wealth while appearing to obey the dictates of Christian piety.

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